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"Using personality test data from over one million people, researchers have identified three distinct personality regions in the country. Here, each state is colored by the region it belongs to and shaded according to how strongly its personality matches that profile."

To take this short quiz to find out which part of the country you should be living in:  http://science.time.com/2013/10/22/the-united-states-of-attitude-an...

I belong in the most neurotic state, sigh.  Oh well, only a quiz, right? ;-)

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It claims that I belong in the District of Columbia. Sounds like BS to me....

Yep, most of these quizzes are BS, kinda fun sometimes tho.

I don't need no test. I live in a state of denial.

Colorado?! . . .  Now that's interesting. I'm a native Texan. However I have always wanted to visit Colorado. :-)

Said I belong in N. Carolina.

Hmmm... I've driven through the state at least 30 times, but never thought of staying. 

Sorry dude, hate to put you in that situation, but I think we could all use Snagg in DC.

I'd be dead in a week.

But think of how many a**holes you could take down in seven days!

Oklahoma for me. I don't know why.




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