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Texas! My Texas! I just love living here Y'all.

Here one more reason why you should move here.

The giant Redheaded Centipede

It's mostly, harmless to humans.  Mostly!

"You don't have to be a Kardashian to stand out on the Internet — all you need is at least 20 pairs of bright-yellow legs, a gleaming red head and venomous fangs."

See complete Yahoo/Live Science article: Giant Redhead

Hey! . . . It could be worst. You could be living in Australia.

Oh yeah, we even had a man-eating alligator in East Texas. That critter was taken out ( killed ) last week.

So y'all come on down to Texas!  . . . You hear!!!

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Centipedes are just about the only creatures that really creep me out.  Probably the only ones except scorpions, I hear you have your share of those in Texas as well.

I stayed with my kid cousins in Port Arthur, Texas one summer.

Every week we had to mow the grass. I told my Mom, every time we mowed we got a shrimp salad.

What do you call those things, Crawdads?

Talk about Texas Critters!!

Cowculus Cheat Sheet

Who needs DeCartes.

Texas critter




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