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This is only a post.

If this had been a real post, I would've asked or said something real.

Now back to our regularly scheduled bull.

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Ok; but u not mad, i hope?

Nope, just fullfilling a request from Kooner for someone to post something so she could check something or something.

Although I wouldn't swear I'm not mad. Some have said at times that I'm mad. Too bad I'm not a scientist or something.

And that is somehow a good thing?

So is this a post about posts or about posting about posts?

Could be a post about postholes, or  postpartum, but according to Agent K, it is about post-apocalyptic.

This is all just Kooner's devious way of getting us to all play "post office".

Oh, Pshaw.

So we can post about post holes, which I'm assuming would be considered a whole post, but can we post about post holes in progress, which would probably be considered a half post. If we can post about half posts them maybe...

This post gas been interrupted. 

OIC. A post about nothing. Probably make a good tv show. To be watched only by friends.

This is com-post

The postibilities are endless.




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