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Albert Einstein optical illusion This image looks like physicist Albert Einstein. However, move a few feet away from the screen and suddenly it'll transform into Marilyn Monroe

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Disappearing colors.

How many black dots?

The answer is zero.

Can You See 3 Faces?

Source: illusions.org via Trish on Pinterest

It took a few minutes, but yes, I could see the three faces, thanks.

Young lady, old lady, mustacheoed gent

All the lines are straight.

Cripes, lots of stripes, but the lines really are straight,

amazing hey!


Stare at the black dot long enough,(took over a minute for me) and the grey circle disappears. 

This is interesting too, if, after focusing on it for a minute,

and then moving slowly backwards, there is this brilliant 

white light appearing in different spots, at different times,

right around the entire circumference.

I'd better go get ready, `they' might be coming to take me away...




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