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A bit nostalgic this morning. These are a few of my memories. I have a million more. How about you?

Captain Kangaroo and Friends

Rocky, Bullwinkle, Boris and Natasha

Superman-George Reeve

Archie and Jughead

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Tea Parties

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I just absolutely adore this photo, and I'm sure it will evoke a lot of

very happy memories for lots of folk who were young back in the

days when there wasn't all that many toys around and our imagination

come to the fore. 

That little girl could easily have been me, 

back in the times when, I didn't know why,

but I seemed to have to spend a lot of time

with my Nanna where there were adults around

but I was the only young person and so

I can really relate to this gorgeous photo.

I loved this game too - I could play it by myself

and it could be quite a challenge towards the end -

if'n I didn't cheat that is!

I was really into mud pies too!

Yessss - they were awesome Kooner

and it sounds like your creative streak 

started very young -

for grass bird's nests is both constructive and kind.


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luvy, I never knew of this game, but after your explanation,

I can see why there would be hours of enjoyment and involvement.

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And isn't it interesting that even now, on our home phones

and mobiles, those series of alphabetical numbers have 

remained in the same numerical order all the way through

the years, except for WXY and Z being placed under the `9' pad,

instead of it forming a dial zone by itself......




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