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Ha!  The way my Win7 Update is behaving right now--it won't (update, that is)--I'm starting to wonder if this is what my computer needs, ha!

Try this officer....

Yep, that's what comcrash/xfinity says when you call 'em.

My computer came with Windows 7, but I upgraded to 8 when it came out. I was pretty happy with it, but my son in law, (computer geek) said I needed to upgrade to Windows 10. I took his advice, but after using it for a couple of months now, I kinda wish I had stuck with 8. 

I wonder if you can add to Win10 what our comp tech added to our Win8.1 laptop: he called it an overlay or an app that makes it behave like Win7; it's helped a lot.

Don't have a clue. and don't have a computer tech either.  

Getting old is like a haunted house. There are strange noises and smells that can't be explained.




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