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A Peruvian university worked with designers to create the world's first billboard with a tap: the billboard shows off some of the university's technology for making clean drinking water from humidity in the air. Lima's in a desert (though the air is humid), and water that residents draw from wells is often polluted. Interesting technology, and an interesting way to make a billboard better tell a story, and serve an actual need.

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Very cool!!

Yup, I thought it was clever.

My word, this is brilliance as it's BEST !!!

The ongoing ramifications of this is AWESUM !!!

thanks for informing - great information sandl.

Something isn't being said here.  I wonder what the cost of operating the generators and maintaining the reverse osmosis systems is and who is paying for it?  And why do you need a revese osmosis to purify freshly condensed humidity?  I have to assume that the generators probably have some kind of refrigeration unit at their core and that might not be economically practical in many potential situations, say a geographical area without the high humidity.  Obviously the people who constructed the device are footing the electric bill, but it is advertising to them, what happens when they decide to redirect their budget in a different direction?  And, (not doubting it, just curious), why is there so little natural precipitation if the humidity is so high?  Sounds like a unique solution for a unique situation.




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