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Post some of your favorite Broadway or Movie musical songs. By way, "The Sound of Music" is not one of my favorite musicals.

From: "My Fair Lady"

On screen performance by Jeremy Brett. Sung by Bill Shirley. The second version is sung by Vic Damone.

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Sir Richard Burton

Checkout the film version by Richard Harris. Not bad.

Bali Ha'i (from "South Pacific") sung by Juanita Hall.

I can remember our my taking us kids to see this at the drive in about a gazillion years ago. I also remember that grocery sack full of popcorn she made. I love me some extra butter!

From: "The Wiz": "Home" sung by original Broadway cast member, Stephanie Mills (Dorthy)

Sorry Diana Ross ( movie version ) you are no Stephanie Mills. :-)


Triple threat performers: they can, act, sing and dance. There aren't to many of them anymore. :-)

"Blazing Saddles" Sung by the great Frankie Laine.

You'll Never Walk Alone from Carousel . Makes me cry buckets of tears when I hear this song.




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