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The group 'Art and Artists' is moving over to here.

Sorry about the confusion.  This group is open for discussion and conversation!!!


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...hi...I just joined this group a couple of days ago..


...is this not "just art"?

...doink!...slightly confused...

...do I need to salvage my posts from here?...

...better to be safe I suppose...

Hi, Radar, That was a typo - THIS group is OPEN!! The group art and  artists is closing and moving here!!

Thank-you WS.  That was an error.  I appreciate you bringing it to my attention.


...I may have over reacted just a tad due to being a refugee from a couple of sites closing down...

...thank you for clearing that up...

NO, we want to keep you, radar!  The list owner is just trying to consolidate old groups and keep things clear and easy to navigate!




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