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The speed of light

Einstein's theory suggests nothing is faster. But some cosmologists suggest the Universe expanded faster then the speed of light. Black hol…

Started by LoveLife&Laughter

1 Oct 20, 2013
Reply by Snagg

Picture a Word

 Describe yourself in one word or picture.

Started by LoveLife&Laughter

3 Sep 8, 2013
Reply by LoveLife&Laughter

A Quantum Universe- a slightly different perspective on reality

Physics : A Quantum universe?We look at the objects and materials of the world as bounded and solid. The calls for change in the area of ph…

Started by Maricel Evasco

2 Aug 17, 2013
Reply by LoveLife&Laughter

Earth wobble & tilt = climate changes?

Astronomical Theory of Climate Change The tilt of the earth relative to its plane of travel about the sun is what causes seasons.…

Started by Maricel Evasco

3 Aug 15, 2013
Reply by LoveLife&Laughter

Can concepts (God) inhibit relating to reality?

BeiYin: There is obviously a discrepancy between concepts and reality. This causes disappointment, frustration and a lot of stress in most…

Started by Maricel Evasco

3 Aug 15, 2013
Reply by Thomas Mayes

Who should help the poor? Churches or Government?

I have noticed that during the past decade there seems to be a move by the religious community to discredit Government help for the poor. D…

Started by CWO3ROBBIE

16 Aug 8, 2013
Reply by Thomas Mayes

Aren't They Supposed to Heal the Sick?

Here’s the situation: you have a friend who has been told by a visiting nurse that there “may be evidence” of head lice, but she wasn’t sur…

Started by Westerly_2

4 Apr 3, 2013
Reply by Mother Sanity (JackieRodzinski)

Who are society's scapegoats these days?

Who are society's scapegoats? (photos and/or text responses welcome)  

Started by Maricel Evasco

9 Jan 7, 2012
Reply by michael clubb

Where do you hope to retire?

Would you leave the country to retire? If so, where? Would you work part time in another job after you retire? Do you worry about your care…

Started by Maricel Evasco

6 Dec 28, 2011
Reply by russell albright

Anyone watch Michael Moore's doc- SICKO?

I watched SICKO with my (Med Ethics) class last week and was highly disturbed by the testimonies. One has to be really careful what one put…

Started by Maricel Evasco

1 Jul 6, 2011
Reply by P.A.




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