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Karoshi is a Japanese word which characterizes an individual who lives at such a frantic pace that he or she becomes ill.

Have you become a victim of the fast paced lifestyle here in the USA?

Have you done anything in particular to insure the pace or flow of your life is suitable to your lifestyle and well being?


I am curious how the Canadians manage their moments.


I am in the middle of reading this wonderful and thought provoking self help book called The Sweet  Life which inspired me to ask the above mentioned questions. The author is a well traveled man who shares with his readers the perspective of different cultures around the world on how to slow down and savor the sweet life.


Product Description-  http://www.amazon.com/Sweet-Life-William-Sinunu/dp/0760790051

Is stress a necessary part of life? How do people in many other countries stay so slim? Do other societies share our addiction to romance and finding the "perfect partner"? Should we live to work or work to live? The Sweet Life has the answers. Join author William Sinunu as he travels the globe and takes us on a front-seat, uncharted tour of the practices and beliefs of many different cultures. In these 101 inspiring vignettes, he learns how to better appreciate life, by unlocking the world's best advice on love, work, health, raising children, living more simply, and even coping with grief. As Sinunu searches for ways to improve his life, he discovers how: * the French spice up their sex lives with fantasy; * the Jamaicans enjoy each moment; * the Egyptians plan reasonable food portions; * the Turks relax after a stressful day; * and much more. The Sweet Life proves that connecting more deeply with those we love, taking better care of our bodies and souls, and living more fully and passionately in the present is easier than we may think.


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I lived that fast pace life for many years.

My job consumed a lot of my time. If I wasn't travelling I was spending too many hours in the office.

Vacations were all about seeing as much as I could see in a relatively short amount of time. There was no relaxing involved.

Everything was rushrushrush...

Then, my brother--my best friend-- developed lung cancer.

My entire life changed.

A few  years after he died I reassessed my life. I quit that stressed filled job and took one that is still challenging, but allows me room to breath. Without that job insanity, the rest of my life fell in line.

I probably still carry a bit of that insanity---after all I am born and raised in a big city in the Northeastern part of the country:-)

Quinn, thanks for sharing.....

It's too bad that it usually takes a painful event to make us rethink the quality of our lives.


Read the book Quinn.....it's really interesting.




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