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Where art thou sistren and brethren?

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Oh, poor Charlie Brown!

Speaking for myself only, I am over on the home page playing those word games at the bottom of the page.  And occasionally visiting The Muse Ranch or the book people.

Where are you?

Occasionally, I put something in the Forum Discussion. Otherwise I have been on one or two of the other websites (English based). Now that Spring has arrived Officially, I wait for the weather aspect of it to arrive where I live.

I need to get over here more often, I find myself in Boomerville these days~

Hey there CaliforniaNow, Shadowman, and esp. Lilrain! I see you over there in boomerville. II am just sorry I have let things go to seed here. But so very few were stopping by, that I gave up. I just never understood why nobody else ever posted much on their own. I wanted things to be fun and communicative with us all inter-acting each day. I don't mind posting things, in fact, I enjoy it immensely. But this had become an exercise in futility. Well, I will begin again. I hope to see you all now and again. (P. S. I have been working soooo many hrs. I have to find some work/life balance, huh?  :))   Hang tight!  lolol

hey Nancy,what am I chopped liver ?  haha

❀∘mzcocogirl ❀∘:

what does that mean?

You asked if you were chopped liver....well,, nope!....lol...king for a day in stead...lol

thank you....I think

or this




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