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What's something you would like to start pretty soon?

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Retire on the farm.

my truck

and flipper can go visit Aggie on his farm and y'all can ride and race and bounce around pastureland like crazy.  No?  Well, that's what we used to do in that souped-up Ford.  Made the cows mad as hell.  

I have a souped up dodge pick-up

as a matter of fact,i just installed this today

Flowmaster 17278

Mine is a Chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 extended cab with 8 foot bed that never has to be made.


Replacing the bearings in the water pump on my mid 60s Minneapolis Moline Tractor. By pretty soon you mean, say, by next summer, right?  Or plan B is to find a collector that would pay me enough for it for parts.

I know someone looking for a Hoyt-Clagwell.

microwaving that acorn squash

Reading another book.




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