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One of our long time members does a great radio show every Sunday evening. You should really take a listen to my buddy Snagg. Here is a link to his thread...


And here is a link to last nights show. CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!


TeeBubbaDee! That was very nice of you to share :) It is cool to have snagg's radio show relayed to us. Thanks!!!!   I love it!

I like to think I have a fairly eclectic collection of music on vinyl, but Snagg always blows me away with bands I know, but with cuts that never got "played" and bands and tunes that I have never heard of. He ROCKS and you should give him a listen. 

If I had to give Snagg a rating, it would be AAA+++

yea,but you hafta embed the code.

Go to youtube.com or some site to find a music video, Then right-click on it, then click on Copy Embed Code.  Then come back to our site here and put your cursor in the comment window, then click on the thing that looks like a piece of old film strip (third thing to the right on the top of the comment window. Then a screen will come up to paste the embed code into. Click Okay and then click Add Reply. If it does not work out there is an x that shows above upper right in your post that you can click on to delete.

Thomas, if you can't get the hang of it, then just tell us what you want to post, and we will be glad to go to youtube and post for you! Just tell us what song you like and voila! We enjoy different tastes and love to think of the music we all have listened to. Sometimes there is a story behind the song you can share as well. No worries :) You will likely start posting songs real soon.   BTW, Thanks Shadowman for explaining how to post! That's cool :)




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