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Has anybody else contracted Covid-19...I had the experience and I do not recommend it. I work in a healthcare setting. It went rampant in our building ...5 deaths. We held the reins tightly from March to the beginning of October and not one person fell ill. Then the ok was given to allow some visitation...story over. Employees and the residents alike. I have never prayed so hard or cried so much. Now people have run scared and we have lost employees quitting out of fear. I was on day 10 of 10-12 hour shifts. All of that when I was still worn out from the virus and trying to regain strength. I am thinking we finally turned a corner, but it has been awful. Nobody allowed out of their rooms for now and it is something I hope I never ever see again in my life.

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Aw, Imagine, I'm so sorry to hear that. Gosh darn it, hope you're better soon and here's hoping things get better soon.

Sorry you had to go through all this Nancy. A cousin of my husband died from it in Colombia, now my son in laws Uncle has it. He's been in hospice for cancer and now this. 60 years old.

Sorry to hear you had it, hope you are feeling better. My son had it on July. my brother had it in August both are recovered.

Thank you officerripley, Jozee, and Aggie. My husband has stage 4 lung cancer and thankfully never got it. Jozee it is so scary for those with underlying conditions...My heart breaks for your son-in-law's Uncle and for you all. Many prayers. One lady at my work was not really very old...in late 40's and she was hospitalized and very very sick. She is luckily now on the road to recovery. It has affected my breathing and energy level. But even still since one of my key employees quit, out of the 23 days since she left and I worked, I have only had 2 days off. I am wearing down. Hiring someone is next to impossible right now. When I hear people say it is no worse than the regular flu, I get really upset. Just come to where I work and you will never think that again. I just want it to be over. 

Thanks Nancy and sorry to hear about your husband. My son-in-law's Uncle passed away this Sunday.




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