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What have you almost given up on?  How come?

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The Electoral College (is that what it's called?)

Because it does what it pleases.

Sadly, I've pretty much given up on this site. I was one of the original TBD'ers way back in the day (8? 9 years ago?) I hate to give up, but this place is pretty much a ghost town, at least from my perspective. Maybe I'm missing something. If the place ever picks up again, I'm IN!!, but I don't think that is going to happen. Bums me out big time! I will continue to check in on occasion, but just can't justify being here 2/3 times a day. Love you guys!! If anybody plays on FB, I'm there as my real name, Dean Morris.

I been here 4 years,i don't even know who runs it,I know I been bitched a lot,that's about all.


"Eddie Dingo" runs it and she's good.

good at ripping me a new one for nothing, while others use the f word all the time and that's ok.

Oh.  Well, then, I just don't know.  

I guess you have to be part of a special little whatever.or it else it gets very chilly in here.

Mindy, AKA Eddie Dingo, hasn't even been on this site for probably over a year. (she has her hands full right now, and this place is not a priority to her) I'm pretty sure it was her sister that flagged you, and she left here probably at least a year and a half ago, maybe two years. Yes, I'm probably what's left of the "special little whatever", but believe me, I've been reprimanded many more times than you have flipper. Not for language, (I know better) but for getting into discussions that turned ugly. Back in the day, we used to have moderators. Five or six members that just kept an eye out and made sure no one got totally out of hand, but we haven't even had a mod for about 4 or 5 years. 

well, I don't care what anyone says or moderates or flags - I still think this is a good site and still the best one I've seen since Eons.  But I mostly like the Forum because it's a good way to get your brain revved up.  Someone is reading "Mindy's" mail because I send her a thumbs-up or whatever occasionally, every coupla months.

that makes sense Bubba,because there are at least three people here I was friends with  that have passed away,but yet they are still on the list.

Who?  If you don't mind my asking.  If you do mind, just say so.

I don't mind.




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