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Do you have unfulfilled dreams? What are they?  Can you still see any way to reach for them?

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I'd like to live closer to more of my relatives but I don't want to move where any of them are and they don't want to move here or someplace interesting.

That happens CaliforniaNow.  I live in a mid-size city with little industry. My one daughter lives in a better part of the state. None of the others will even consider moving somewhere that offers a bit more.  They want to stay here where they grew up. Now I wish we had moved....lol

Develop a glutten free kolache.

is that like a pierogie ?


Ahh, the 4 major food groups.

lolol... I dunno. You all have diverse tastes....lol.  Gluten free is hard to come by sometimes. I would think they could indeed come up with such a recipe though.  





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