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It's that time of year ...

The snow falls softly
Making its graceful journey
To silence below

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gleaming cold feathers
rustle against fierce blasting
scraping shovels grind
face white as winter
burnt match gripped in blue fingers
summer in her heart
maybe summer heart....
he sees fire blaze in her eyes
her touch melts cold veins
powdered trees glisten
young boys rolling snowman balls
first season's cover

people bustling

store shelves stocked with just one aim

make this year special

Steaming chocolate
Warming ones cold cold fingers
On the frozen pond

The blinding sunshine

Across the wintry landscape

Makes cold bearable

Quinn! I didn't know you wrote haiku! 


Sixties last weekend

Cold, wet & freezing ahead-

Atlanta winter.

inch of ice blanket

time seems frozen all shut down

dangerous beauty

winter has now passed

daffodils and iris sprout

sleep ole man winter

residual cold

angerona clinging fast

flora will prevail

winter winds blow cold...

in the heart of every child

daffodils blossom




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