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I sat up all night
waiting for your call
but you had other things to do
waiting for that train
it's bound to arrive here soon
carry me back home
open it again
another seven minutes
steady drone buzzing
I know you're okay.
But when you are travelling,
I ache to hear you.
Honey, I'll be back...
I just need to go a while.
-Just a bathroom break!
Waiting As I Watch
The Fall Colors Of The Leaves
Blending In The Rain
Waiting Forever
Is Not On My List Of Things
I Must Do Today
A Flame Does Not Wait
To Burn Bright On A Dark Night
How Then Can Love Wait?
embers lie waiting
a spark needed to ignite
love flares up again
stuck in a holding pattern
circling to land
you pass from my view
i wait in my lonely room
for your light to shine

longing for your touch
23 and 5/6 hours
10 minutes of bliss




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