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Difficult for most of us...

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he waits and he waits

somebody to share good times

the boat must have sailed

her golden sun sets
darkness steals into her heart
how long before dawn?

another goodbye...
emptiness stretches ahead
with no end in sight

always seeking you
my heart scans unceasingly
for our connection

quickly come and gone
long hours stretch ahead and then
quickly come and gone

silence enshrouds me
your words ring like chapel bells
for one bright moment

waiting for that time

Dr. tells me I can walk

on that long used leg

my hip replacement

to last me rest of my life

move forward with care

now full weight bearing

feels so good not having pain

look out world says I

i wait in darkness
knowing that when light is gone
love remains shining

i'm waiting for you...
each moment passes slowly
'til I'm in your arms

i'm still waiting...
i miss that loving feeling
where can you be

I believed you when
you said "you're my everything"...
i'll wait forever




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