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Those--past, present, and future--who are in your heart forever...

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i, the cactus tree
searching without knowing it
traveling a long road

looking for someone
someone to whom i could give
everything i am

lovers came and went
hearts and souls passing through mine
like sunlight through glass

worthy and loving
yearning for something i had
but couldn't give them

my time running out
i gently laid down my dream...
and then, there was you

child of the heavens
glorious love of my life
my dreams incarnate

i live for your love
i give you all that i am
now and forever

Thank you and bless you, D., M'Annsachd, for your love; your trust; your friendship; your support; your amazing spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical beauty; and the great gift of our union.... Words are inadequate.
loving woman's heart
beautiful beyond measure
be my valentine
on Valentines Day
lovers express how they care
hard for those alone
yes, that is true, M.
still, some who love are alone
parted by cruel fate

let's celebrate love
whether it's ours or others
and smile through the tears
what the world needs now
is love sweet love, I recall
maybe it will spread
target for my love
arrows shot wildly in air
one will soon hit home
Love that song, D.D.! Ain't that the way it feels??? Haaaaaarrrr!
I............ guess I never
knew, what she was talking about
she was living without

"In the Shape of a Heart"
Kisses today, yes.
But time also measures love.
Today--and always.
a small miracle:
each day is Valentine's Day
with my wondrous A
I know you know this, Sister Mine...So well. We are both impossibly blessed! XOXOXOXOX

no small miracle!
you and i are fortunate
to share loves like these
love so important
I would give up everything
without reluctance

spiritual union
overriding human need
all i am is yours

blue light surrounds us
lifting us above the world
pain cannot touch love

for you i will live
for you i will die
our souls joined by faith




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