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Those--past, present, and future--who are in your heart forever...

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come into my arms
my eternal valentine
rest within my love

 You ask if I love

More than the stars in the sky

You are in my heart

with each breath we take
we celebrate our great love
today and always

my lips touching yours
lingering though we must part
tears of joy and pain

I bought me a rose

The petals lasted

Far longer than those he bought 


Hope everyone had a fabulous day filled with love and laughter

I love this, Thally.

where's my valentine

once thought i knew where she was

but again was wrong

i hope you find yours

love and happiness  can be

in a special one

You're always so tender, M!

elusive eros
his arrow penetrates deep
the wound heals slowly

but better the wound
than flesh unmarked by passion
cold and hard as ice

miraculous you
always in the nick of time
the sun in your hands

Happy Valentine's Day, Beloved.

years since i wrote here...
the love has not changed one whit
hope's another thing

Image result for lost hope

a time for loving

your special person in mind

cherish what you have

this love that abounds

deserves honor and respect

lasting forever

if you have someone

remember it is special

some have lost their boon

there's nothing on earth
that i'll care to take with me
but your precious love




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