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Empty restless bed,
Skin Starvation epidmic!
Ahhhh!!!! FOUR nights snuggling....

Now, NOW I'm alive!
Refilled, refreshed, and restored!
No friend's more treasured.

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Hurray, Quilty!

woooowhooooo!!!! way to go...
recharge that love battery!
heartfelt best wishes
I say, you go girl
grab the gusto, whatever
live life to fullest
Mmmmmmmmmm, I like the way you think....

sensuous kisses
like butterfly wings brushing
peony petals
squirt of hand lotion
her fingers wrapped around my...
she's found a new toy
And that same lotion
Massaged gently on sunburn
Healed both of our pains.
The Sistine Chapel-
The finger of God extends
and Humankind starts.
touch of the divine
God put us here, face to face,
for His own purpose
creative spirit
visited me this cold morn
warmed my soul a bit

this touch reveals inner thoughts
to share with the world
Soft Zephyros Winds
Playing over and over
mimic your soft touch
spectacular view
trees draped in varied colors
touch from up above
C'mon and touch me
can't you see I'm not afraid
c'mon touch me babe
holding in my arms
the object of my desire
longing for your touch




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