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The case was open
and shut, she shot him in his
sleep and then herself...

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is it now, you think
could have been second mistress
came in, used her gun
ah, the plot thickens,
mistresses and guns. Never
a good combo - bang!
he opened himself
and shut the door on sorrow
love and hope poured forth
Ah, Ang.....I love it! Maybe comments are better than a kudo!
open heart and mind
aiding those the world shuts out
you are a good man
the tomb closes tight
the womb stretches open wide
for each loss, a gain
you walk through one door
and shut it tight behind you
as the next one opens
got the smoking gun
got the prints on the open door
close the case. slam dunk.
I open my heart
Words spoken with many lies
Shut out forever
It opens at morn
in blue full-throated glory
but to close at noon
open: show your face
give out yor story in full
closed: under a mask
That was nice Turquoise.




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