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Okay all, here's a theme from a year ago from TBD Prime: Moon and Hair
I'll start with my 'ku from back then...

moonlight through window
her curly blond mound glistens
perfect landing strip

(pic is just incentive...)

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That is some pic SW. You're sister?

A full summer moon
glistens on peaceful water
hair soft and silky

the stage is now set
the players readily wait
til a prompt's given

Action commences
he envelopes her presnece
they then become one
his hair damp from love
silver streaks on ebony
reflected moonbeams
Long hair of willow
Trailing in moonlit water
Weeping for lost love
Gimme heads of hair
long beautiful hair, they said
many moons ago
I love it! You beat me to it!
What an exquisite image, Chez!
a lock of her hair
held against his hollow heart
he howls at the moon
his soft curls tousled
he ran his fingers through them
and sighed at the moon
in a sunburnt life
you are my moon and my stars
my breath and my life

watching as you sleep
your breath soft but resonant
i kiss your shoulder

lacing my fingers
gently through your hair that i
can kiss your sweet mouth

even in your sleep
you return need with desire
and i'm all ways yours
You bring tears of joy to my eyes...
where do you walk now?
down corridors of silence?
through moonlit gardens?

you've wandered so far
your eyes fixed on fading stars
can you hear me call?

i kiss your sweet lips
cool now, where once a fire burned
that consumed us both

i kiss your eyelids
waiting for a flash of green
but the veil remains

i kiss your broad chest
your heart no longer races
it is weary too

may your slumber be
filled with beauty and wonder
may you come home soon

i pull up a chair
entwine my fingers with yours
and wait in darkness
Happy moon shaped face
Tremendously shedding hair
Gawd, I love my pug.




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