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It's almost 2010. I, for one, never imagined seeing it...but here I am! What do you want to do with this beginning? Keep on truckin' or do something altogether new?

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such amazing times
i remember thinking once
"this will never end"

peace like an ocean
and each beaming face a drop
of sparkling hope

we marched...smoked...made love
not war while relentless time
gnawed at all our dreams

where is the garden?
open us and look inside...
flowering fields and sun

first foot through my door
first love in my heart, My Soul...
happy hogmanay!

Happy New Year 2016. Hope this new year bring to all of us all peaceful happy and healthy days.

Lots of love and warm hugs from Sile-Istanbul, TURKEY.


Thank you for the beautiful wishes, Doga! May the good things you wish for all of us be showered down upon you tenfold.

You've put a smile on my face today.

the future is here...
i'll stay in the past with you
where my heart remains

i wait by the door
you cross the threshold bringing
luck joy peace and love

Bliadhna Mhath Ùr, Mo Dhuine. I wish for you everything you wish for yourself.

I love you more than I can express.

your love surrounds me 
sweeping away the sad year
bringing in the glad


will be better than the last 

let's jump on that train

ever hopeful M.
we'll ride that train together
and pray for the best

we'll hear " all aboard "

all line up and get it on

TBD peace train

the clock chimes midnight...
if only in spirit now
i kiss your sweet lips




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