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The holiday or the process...

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love like the ocean
powerful, deep, limitless
for this, i thank you
gazing at you, i
see forever in your eyes...
gratitude ascends

our dearest son's life
filled me with deathless joy and

Son of my body, daughters of my heart...all yours, Beloved.
They survived a year
in a harsh and distant land
thanks be due to God

All those gathered 'round
come from far to give and share
let us feel the love
Love to you and yours, Westerly, and all Earth's living treasures...
A gray windy day.
The aches are strong--love stronger.
A day to give thanks.
thanks for what we have
forget what we do not have
then share with those dear
giving thanks again
an annual reminder
to share gratitude
Anxious new meetings
Clear day, great meal, good manners
So thankful for love.
thanks have been given
communion with our loved ones
season of peace begins
New tree, new season
Life full of new beginnings
Heart filled with joy

forever grateful
for your abiding presence 
and eternal love

I miss you and ache for you, D.




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