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one long lost summer
you and i were free as birds...
we soared together

muggy summer nights

some pray for refreshing rain

others seek dry gorund

perseid showers

visit us this time of year

natural wonders

The Persied Shower

Shooting star across the sky

Pierced something in me

one lost summer night
our beautiful dream ended
under falling stars

our stars have fallen

brief flashes of brilliance

new dreams may evolve

dog days of summer

they have come and gone this year

without much problem

your summer bounty
plump red fruit acrid and sweet
hornworms await dusk

My summer bounty

Fruit bursting with juice and smells

End up sweet preserve

Yum. What's in the jars, exactly? 

On the left is strawberry jam on the right peach preserve
Missing is apricot preserve (it's the first thing to go)

Silicon Valley used to be called Valley of Hearts Delight and it was a vast collection of orchards that produced cherry, apricots, plums and peaches the water tower of Sunnyvale is in the shape of a Libby's peach can

Oh, how wonderful! I didn't know that about Silicon Valley. Valley of Heart's Delight is such a lovely name--it's a shame that technology overtook even that. (Sunnyvale's water tower made me smile.)

I had guessed correctly about your jam and preserves. :>)  Does your wife make them or do you or is it a collaboration? There's simply nothing like growing your own food and preserving summer's bounty to bring the taste of sunshine to winter.

If English conserves interest you, I have recipes for tomato conserve and plum conserve to which you're welcome.




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