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long, dark, hard winter

now sun warms my face and heart

I will blossom soon.

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awakening bloom
madam sun spans robustly
inspirer printemps!

all things new again

unfurling, fluttering joy

rises on bright wings


the sight of you here

just fills me up with joy

brings Spring to my heart!

you are spring, my dear

laughter, new dreams, and passion...

life nurtured by love

Reaching for the sun
Straining against the moist earth
Yellow daffodil
Wow, Quinn - I LOVE that one!!

elaborate greens

blues reds yellow ~bumble bees

spry Monarch returns

beautiful Spring morn

sun lighting up cool soft soil

great to be alive

nice jaunt in the woods

picking plentiful mushrooms

get skillet ready

singing fools collide
splashing compartments in bright hues
tacking past Bleeker

plastic bags flutter
perched among spring bud branches
recycled lively

plastic bags flutter

flags flown by littering folks

their banners flap on




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