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long, dark, hard winter

now sun warms my face and heart

I will blossom soon.

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blossoms spring outward
revealing colorful views
renewal of life
Spring in my step now.
Love the warmth, flowers, new life.
Joy in my heart!
Early morning run
achieve, relax, contemplate,
hot tub in the rain...
Dogs are frolicking
bunny ran across my yard
Sunshine makes me *SMILE*!
he plants tomatoes
his large hands tenderly coax
fine roots into soil

he watches with joy
as the plants burgeon and thrive
spring into summer

then the first huge fruit
succulent, juicy, and red
like his lover's lips

his hands cradle it
he feels its firmness and weight
and dreams of her breast

he remembers when
he had not yet tasted her
except in red flesh
angharad's haiku
so hot I'm fanning myself
his tomato plants

(I'll never look at a tomato plant the same way again, Angharad - d@mn!)
Spring morning, top down
Wind-blown, drinking in sunshine
Don't end, spring- don't end
spring into new life
blossom into your being
happiness within
yummy, metub4 - I like that one! '-)
bed springs are singing
rhythmic music of passion
let's play one more tune....
mmm.... I love your haiku, metub4.
butterflies dancing
monarchs flitting to & fro
the sight softens me




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