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This is a bit of a twist...listen to this love song, if you will, and then write about anything that it evokes. Or just write about sparrows! :>)


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seek and ye shall find
can be harder than it sounds
we must keep the faith
faces i have loved
hearts that hoped and dreamed with mine
have led me to you
nice tune Ang
of angels I dream
visit my lone existence
flutter my heart's wings
the common sparrow
outshined by prettier birds
carries God's purpose
it is often said
His eye is on the sparrow...
the small and humble

we are all sparrows
going about our business
scared yet determined

trying our hardest
to fly as high as we can
and still return home
radiant nature
rustles inside and outside
angels and sparrows
WOW! Wonderful, Karen, and I really feel it!
Captain Jack Sparrow
foppish big hat with feathers
rich velvet waistcoat
pesky house sparrow
builds messy, grass, debris nests
under eaves, drains, holes

very prolific
raise at least two broods a year
four to seven eggs

brought to the US
around 1850 to
combat cankerworms

chiefly seed eaters
they're agricultural pests
but eat bad insects
A Bird A Sparrow
It doesn't feel like Christmas
a fresh, new, young sound





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