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Anything you are afraid of... BOO!

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I scare myself and
I don't mean lightly, frighten.
...That voodoo you do
Man, I so agree! Except, I like pythons and boa constrictors. Big snakes don't give me the collywobbles like little "sneaky snakes."

snakes are not timid!
they chase me uphill and down...
i'm a snake magnet.

go away, reptiles!
do what folks say you do, and
keep away from me...
Afraid of never
Seeing that handsome face on
My pillow again
Oh, wow! Simple truth. Perfection!
The Abyss That Waits
Swallowed Up By The Darkness
No Breath Left In Me
Choked By My Own Words
Air My Only Enemy
Air My Only Friend
Geez...I'm speechless.
Soon That Old Woman
Will Sneak Into My Mirror
And Laugh Back At Me
she's laughing at me...
all vain attempts to stay young
revealed as folly
look deeper my friends
that youthful being called you
pines to awaken
who i am inside
never changes, 18 still....
the flesh belies me
That Last Breath Of Life
Will It Leave Me Painfully
Or Leave Me In Peace




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