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Happy, sad, or in-between. Lay 'em out there in three lines of 5/7/5 syllables, respectively.

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"will you marry me?"
i'd been asked a thousand times
i said "yes!" to you

love me forever
come both hell and high water
we were meant to be
the smell of leather
arms clasping in brotherhood
love permeating

it was a glad monday

the weather was rain gloomy

when we fell in love

surfaced from nowhere

a scent of long ago kissing

delicate flower


Was it yesterday?

Seeing this place once again-

memories and love

yesterday - today

they all tend to blend as one

and then it's over............

Sadness, angst, the beast

Joy with it so distant

I hate its return

Kisses and hugs to you, Beautiful One. Here's my version:


fighting hopelessness

plans we made, a memory...

living in the now



remember the good times

overshadowing the bad

honor successes

fingers in dark curls

your smile beaming, eyes crinkling

the world in my hands


bright days without end

your smile, your voice loud and strong

one golden summer

ten years have now passed

burning images linger

cautiously move on


children growing on

their beloved sacrificed

we all stand strong





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