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Happy, sad, or in-between. Lay 'em out there in three lines of 5/7/5 syllables, respectively.

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you, caught on webcam
sticky note beard and moustache
laughed so hard I cried
love in second life
your hair kept changing color
and your pants stayed on
Family park day
games, food, friends waiting on dusk
the skies then erupt
Just one year ago
I discovered TBD
It has changed my life
strange how frequent checks
a social internet site
communions so dear
peaceful, calm, white world
filled with possibilites
freed our minds and hearts

Je suis si heureux que vous êtes ici! T'aimer, Chez!
and glad that you are too
Bisous à vous, metub.
lips softly parted
patiently waiting your touch
heavenly present
Beautiful Savannah! I know the feeling...

love out of the blue
now necessary as air
my lungs fill with you
Hearts break and then heal
time overshadows our pasts
new times take over

Choosing to move on
key to future happiness
just hard to let go
without reticence
as natural as breathing
you sighed, "i love you"

all the golden vows
spoken to me in the past
fell away like dross

the sun shone brighter
my heart and soul felt lighter
than ever they had

the world was made new
my pain and fear were banished
when you spoke those words




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