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Can you still recall?

Time can warp our memories

What are some of yours?

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wild waves crash on shore...
dark mane dries in the warm sun
after a cold shower

bronzed body shivers
nipples harden rosy pink
obvious through gauze

shapely legs in shorts
stomach flat and well-muscled
buttocks round and high

very best of all...
glittering blue eyes crinkled
with the smiles of youth

knowing beyond doubt
that love would last forever
and being proved right

surrounded by friends
music filling every room
weekend jam sessions

i remember when

we had many haiku friends

where did they all go ?

i remember too...
it's heartbreaking and lonely
to be left behind

Actually, I guess the lion's share of our old friends are on Facebook, M. I left Facebook years ago because of privacy issues and won't go back. 

I'm so glad you're still here.

On the issue of being left behind... I had a nightmare once. I was waiting on a train platform. A train was coming--a white train--and I knew this was my one chance to go to heaven. I also knew that Draughn was on that train. He was all I could think about. I felt such joy to be with him again.

I saw the train coming. As it approached the platform, it began to slow. I could see Draughn in a window, all dressed in white, surrounded by others dressed in white. He saw me and began smiling and pressing close to the window. The train continued to slow. Draughn reached out. He was saying something and smiling, but of course I couldn't hear what he said.

Suddenly, as the train reached the platform, it sped up. I was stunned and paralyzed. Draughn's face was shocked and upset. He pounded on the window, mouthing words I couldn't hear. The train sped away like a bullet leaving me with arms outstretched as the light faded. I knew the train was never coming back and I would never see Draughn again.

I woke up sobbing. I feel the feeling again as I remember it now.

that's some dream dear A

that train will come when it's time

and all will be well

Thank you, M.  I need to believe that.

God bless the sunshine

woke up still not dead again

more is left to do ....

rushing home from school
to catch barnabas collins
and his sexy fangs

Image result for barnabas collins

what's my harvest now?
going to the dreaming fields
to remember when

such a lovely voice

finding solace in dream fields

settles a sore mind




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