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This is in counterpoint to Chez Moi's discussion...or is it??

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reality is
illusion is what is not
any difference?
Oh, don't start with me!
What is real and what is not?
This could take some time!
You know I love you...or do you? :>)
time in a bottle
if I could save it for you...
i'd be very rich

At earlier time
we did our bests to escape
our reality

Now it holds us down
the responsibilities
our duties to pay

So much simpler then
carefree, no worries for us
just lived for today
happy or depressed
subjective reality
make it what you want
"it is...something else"
i will take you at your word
i believe in you
I'm on the outside
looking inside what I see
the wind does not hear

then said the straight man
to the late man where've you been
I've been in between

I talk to the wind
my words are all carried away
the wind can not hear

Talk Elephant talk
expressions, exclamations
talk that trash, all talk...

("Elephant talk", does not translate as well into 'ku as "I talk to the Wind"
Ah, baby-sitting!
That face, sweet beyond compare,
now cries without end!
ha! dream of doughnuts...
elusive rings of fried dough
get my drool bucket!
doughnuts are 'sinkers'
upon devouring that dough
sinks into belly




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