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Know when you see him.
nothing can free him, step aside
open wide, he's the loner...

In the winter time
the birds have flown for summer
I'm calling, hear me

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i hear you calling
through the darkness and the cold
lover, stranger, mine
'nother lonely day
an island lost at see o
just a castaway...

a hundred billion
bottles washed up on the shore,
seems I'm not alone...
believing i knew
myself well, i found i was
the perfect stranger
I'm in the Village
just a number, prisoner
who's side are you on?

(That would be telling...)
Escape is in mind
Butterfly, Colors, Flittering wings
Fleeing from this insanity

Trusting the stanger
Playing tricks with the mind
A prisoner to time
perfected stranger
never known, always detached
no one knows his name
Strangers in the night
Sounds like a line from a song
Sinatra? Perfect!
Imperfect Stranger
All Your Faults Now Brought To Light
No More Fantasys
less perfect more im
and then he was gone but in
his stead: my true love
I do not know you
but I see many of you
What am I missing?
Eyes, always his eyes
Catch me, leave me breathless
If only he knew...
Game of Love
A prisoner to my thoughts
Can he be trusted




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