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Words tangled up – Think!
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Think up tangled words

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Ooh, this is tough, words like 'live' and 'evil' match letters but not syllables...

Eye god live was I, (5)
yo banana boy, I (only 6)
saw evil dog eye (5)
I saw the devil
stop a dog whose nametag read
"madam I'm adam"

It ain't entirely a palindrome, but...oh well...
some more examples:
I roamed under it as a
tired nude Maori

or maybe this one:
go hang a salami I'm
a lasagna hog

(can not take credit for the phrases for found them)
the tattarrattat
of the new rotavator
music to his ears
We missed the best one!
The palindrome date!
Hi Q, (high queue?)

Yep, that works - 01 11 10

Which is also 6 bit binary for the decimal number 30 (yes I'm a geekazoid...)
But that's what we love about you, Scott!
yo, banana boy!
yo Bob! mug o' gumbo boy!
party boobytrap




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