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The flip side of joy...can't seem to have one without the other. Any kind...5/7/5 it.

Tags: counterpoint to joy, haiku, life's trials, ouch!, poetry, senryu

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Your mind is a thing of beauty, Drew.
in the shadow zone
low rumbling malaise subsides
dark cries feebly squawk
Good to see you, BAF! You inspire me...

tears warm as spring rain
remembering a future
i will never have...
conversation turns
recriminations set in
dark silence ensues
thank you.... I think.....

staring at the wall
final assault triggering
upon fingertips
Silently throbbing
Swollen past recognition
My heart in my hand
minced feelings dromo
maze like blood letting leeches
paralyzing numb
happy birthday pleasing eyes !
Thank You and happy Holidays to you!
you go on before
the threshold crossed, there's just joy...
we wait and listen
so much happiness
yet the darkness overtakes
depression's strong hold
moments slip away...
"yeah, I love you too. see ya"
a knife to the heart




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