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The flip side of joy...can't seem to have one without the other. Any kind...5/7/5 it.

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all the pieces fit
forming a perfect portrait
of heartrending truth

unbeknown to him
a battle was waged and lost
outside his high walls

behind them he waits
convinced they still keep him safe...
but not from himself

the voices cajole
push love away it's a threat...
two souls pay the price

the mind comprehends
the heart can never do so
how could this be true?

heartfelt vows of love
of being one forever
gone like a mirage

now nothing remains
where two hearts beat together
but one heart bleeding

why would you do this to me
i don't deserve it

crushing to be so
utterly dispensable...
nothing worth saving

we all need some hope

justly rewarded our due

peace for one and all

pain is in my soul

at times its overwhelming

I will work past it

I saw a baseball

getting larger   and   larger

and then it hit me

Glad to see you again, M.  For reasons beyond TBD, I'd begun to feel invisible.

Is your haiku literal or figurative? Either way, it doesn't sound good. :>) Care to elaborate or are you just being poetic?

what hurts you hurts me
a condition of friendship...
can i help at all?

I have been told my humor sometimes is painful............

what's ET short for ?

he's only got little legs -

warped sense of humor


have you heard about

those new corduroy pillows ?

they're making headlines

one two sucker punch
i'm down and out for the count...
still it's not enough

kick me when i'm down
stab me in the heart and twist
stamp hard on my face

leave me here to die
then worse than any torture
feel nothing at all




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