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Ready for a new one? May we try something different? I have been tripping of late through my old tunes and find many memories stirred through the process. They are coming out in my haikus. Loose rules here except for the 5-7-5 standard. Write a haiku about your favorite tune, capture favorite lines from your song, write about your favorite songwriter or however you choose to do it. You can tell what the song is if you like or have your friends guess. Let's have some fun here and bring back some of our favorite tunes. Might be a way of honoring our "heroes" of younger years. Below are a couple of haikus from our prior discussions as examples:

I talk to the wind
time to say goodbye my dear
the wind does not hear

(by Scott Williamson in 'Goodbye and Wind')

OR -

c'mon and touch me
can't you see I'm not afraid
c'mon touch me babe

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Jojo was a man
Who thought he was a lover
Get Back Loretta
where you once belonged
girls say she's got it coming
gets it while she can
Father McKenzie
Writing words no one will hear
Where does he belong?
don't push, don't force it
let it happen naturally...
it was meant to be

heard noise of thunder
one of four beasts saying come
and see and I saw

behold a white horse
man goes around taking names
he decides who's free

all not treated same
golden ladder reaching down
when man comes around

would you know my name
if I saw you in heaven
would it be the same

would you hold my hand
if I saw you in heaven
will you help me stay

I must be strong and
carry on, I'll find my way
through night and through day

Goodbye Norma Jean
I never knew you at all
you had all the grace

Whispered in your brain
and they made you change your name
set you on treadmill

seems to me you lived
your life like candle in wind
when the rain set in

loneliness was tough
toughest role you ever played
goodbye Norma Jean

M'Annsachd, I love you so.

the pipes are calling
you must go and i must bide...
i shall wait for you

come ye back one day
when snow is in the valley
or in summer's bloom

and i shall hear you
though soft you tread above me
as i lie sleeping

you'll kneel on my grave
and whisper that you love me
and i'll sleep in peace

Until you come to me.

angels sing so sweet
life chords resonate through sound
on our way back home
Morning has broken
Like unto the first morning.
God's recreation-
praise for the singing
those singing fresh from the world
praise for the morning

A blackbird sings on
Even in the dead of night-
I'm waiting for you!




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