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Ready for a new one? May we try something different? I have been tripping of late through my old tunes and find many memories stirred through the process. They are coming out in my haikus. Loose rules here except for the 5-7-5 standard. Write a haiku about your favorite tune, capture favorite lines from your song, write about your favorite songwriter or however you choose to do it. You can tell what the song is if you like or have your friends guess. Let's have some fun here and bring back some of our favorite tunes. Might be a way of honoring our "heroes" of younger years. Below are a couple of haikus from our prior discussions as examples:

I talk to the wind
time to say goodbye my dear
the wind does not hear

(by Scott Williamson in 'Goodbye and Wind')

OR -

c'mon and touch me
can't you see I'm not afraid
c'mon touch me babe

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yes, dear Angharad

a new favorite that keeps

replay in my head..........

don't know where to go

I'm so lonesome and lonely

yes since I lost you

flowers under rain

your smile releases my life

start to live again

you once thought of me

as a white knight on his steed

daydream believer

RIP Davy

whatever i say
no matter how far away
i'll always love you

Music remembers

Old tunes set you down back there

where you never left

it does sometimes seem

after hearing those old tunes

time has stood so still

hello I love you

won't you let me jump your game

just tell me your name

isn't it a pity

how we break each others' hearts

isn't it a shame

"and the dreams that you

dare to dream really do come true"

whatever they be

sights beyond belief

somewhere over the rainbow

enjoy the moment

this magic moment

different than any other

will last forever




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