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Ready for a new one? May we try something different? I have been tripping of late through my old tunes and find many memories stirred through the process. They are coming out in my haikus. Loose rules here except for the 5-7-5 standard. Write a haiku about your favorite tune, capture favorite lines from your song, write about your favorite songwriter or however you choose to do it. You can tell what the song is if you like or have your friends guess. Let's have some fun here and bring back some of our favorite tunes. Might be a way of honoring our "heroes" of younger years. Below are a couple of haikus from our prior discussions as examples:

I talk to the wind
time to say goodbye my dear
the wind does not hear

(by Scott Williamson in 'Goodbye and Wind')

OR -

c'mon and touch me
can't you see I'm not afraid
c'mon touch me babe

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if you're down, confused

concentration slips away

baby's far away

don't be angry, sad

crying o'er good times you had

waiting for something

love the one you're with

turn your heartache into joy

get it together

even though i try

i never can say goodbye

you're my destiny


Hands tenderly clasped

Universal symphony

Our souls are dancing...

Nice to see you here again, Bruton. Welcome back! 

one word from your lips

releases me from sorrow

and brightens my soul


my fireworks at night

my sunshine in the morning...

love unrestricted



all i really want

is to make you feel better...

to make you feel free

The great Etta James...Rest in peace.


travel the wide world

nobody loves you like me

ask any doggy...



Carolina Beach Music for you, M'Annsachd.

Dancing in your arms at twilight on that beach in Florida...the stars sparkling...magic all around.


thrill me, my darling

hold me, never let me go

kiss me...i love you


Okay--YouTube removed the first video, so here's another.


like a song of love that clings

thought of you does things

and forever more

that's how you'll stay, my darling


I believe in love

live my life accordingly

let the mystery be

Love this, M.!


where did i come from?

where will i go when it's done?

let the mystery be




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