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Don't know why I didn't think of this earlier...

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clever but clueless

forgive me, i'm just human

guessing and growing

i won't ever go

if this isn't love, what is?

nothing will taint us

LOVE me some Jill Scott!


i am the real thing

when you're lost and need focus

i can make it shine


Nothing like Jill live. This one's for My Beloved. It has always struck that perfect chord in me. I need you in every way, even though I can carry my own weight. I don't just need you...you are an integral part of me.


you're my heart and soul

i can take care of myself

but i still need you

This is from a totally underrated artist--Angela Johnson.

everything's better
all because you're in my life
shining like the sun

i'll be ready now

ready when my train pulls in

know my time ain't long

Hendrix lives in you

play on  brother as it flows

through those metal veins

will you still love me
when i'm not young and dazzling
i know that you will

just sing to the moon
heaven's gonna turn the tide
and the stars will shine

always in my heart
man with the child in his eyes
pouring out his love

make a conscious choice...
i'm fine whatever life brings
i'll find happiness

A new cover of a classic.

got a thing for you
i'm in a daze from your love
and i can't let go

only you make me
do for love what i wouldn't
and i won't give up




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