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Tributes to those who died in service to their country, and to those who loved and waited for them....


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eternal father
wafts across my father's grave
his family sleeps near
Thank you, D.D., for the love and understanding. As you point out, the sacrifices are not entirely on the part of the military member, although they bear the lion's share...military families have a hard road too.

an absent parent
wandering without real roots
you're always "other"
to those who came back
returning with parts missing
we praise your efforts
some soldiers return
maybe weathered but same look
look what's underneath
So true, M.!

broken minds and hearts
death and doubt their companions
casualties of war
thanks for your sweat, blood
your body for our country
well deserved hero
Yes, Karen, I am too.

let's always honor
lives sacrificed willingly
for a principle
I love you DD...Thanks for all the M.D. haiku and your support and the sacrifices your family has made. I agree that it is mostly young men and women who fight; but, not exclusively, especially in the Navy...

old men fight as well
there's no distinction at sea
admirals die too

Memorial Day

special time set for heroes

honor them today

On the spur of the moment several years ago, a very close friend who was a colonel in the Army asked me to come up with a simple, rhyming poem for a Memorial Day speech she was about to give. She's in the Transportation Corps, and had been in every "police action" the United States has had for over 20 years. Often in combat, she has been decorated many times.

She was speaking to massed troops with whom she had just returned from Iraq. There had been many casualties.

This is not haiku, and it is certainly no great art, but I'd like to post it here. After she read it with incredible emotion, there were few dry eyes among the troops. The memory is emblazoned in my heart.




They’re marching to Elysium now

far beyond harm’s way

the battle’s done, the storm has passed

their life’s blood won the day.


Just yesterday we shared their lives--

the smiles, the frowns, the sighs--

the hopes and fears that shone so clear

in all those bright, young eyes.


Our brothers and our sisters

who answered duty’s call

have laid aside tomorrow’s dreams

and given us their all.


Unfurl the flag and beat the drum

pay all respect that’s due

for all the best there is in man

is passing in review.

well done A

for generations

wearing Navy blue and gold

they gave their whole lives

I love, miss you, and thank you Daddy, Grandpa, Uncle Randy, Uncle Ed, Uncle John, Cousin Bill, and all the rest of our clan who gave their lives to our country.




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