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May Day/Beltane is a festival with ancient Celtic origins which is observed midway between the spring equinox and summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. May Day/Beltane honors nature's incredibly fertile energy at this time of year, the equality of male and female, and the coming of the summer sun which nourishes and heals, through traditions such as fertility rites, fire festivals, handfasting, flower gathering, and dancing around the maypole. It’s a holiday that very intentionally honors both masculine and feminine energies. 

So bring your "bright fire" with a memory of this holiday or a celebration of what it represents.


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our hands are entwined
bound by a garland of blooms
as our lives are joined

all hands are on deck

blended voices hail the warmth

fertile earth blossoms

Good to see you here again, my friend!

we listen spellbound
as the last white dogwood bract
transforms to green leaf

smiling hand-in-hand
we leap the beltane bonfire
summer on our heels

pleasant day today

half spring  has passed - half to come

let's freeze this moment

May the 4th be with you !

mushrooms drying out

new growth overtakes the woods

we welcome the sun




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