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It starts with a curse
sad character bound by fate
freed from harm by love
not corny to me...
it was magic for us too
one look and we knew
The runes in the ruins
Tell the tale of futures past.
Smoke on the water.
Welcome, Steven! I love "runes in the ruins."

mistletoe and oak
crackle in the beltane fire
fueling love's magic
you speak, i listen
each word holds worlds of wonder
alchemy of love
i watch you dressing
in the quiet before dawn...
i straighten your tie

you glance up and smile
and run your hands through your hair
looking young as spring

a thrill shoots through me...
how can i ever express
the magic of you
blue flame surrounds you
purifying cosmic fire
burning cold as ice

true son of adam
innocent and wordly-wise
chaste and salacious

i answer your call
pulled by magic old as time
to taste the apple
dancing a braw fling
kilt flying, you laugh and birl
arsaidh magic
i wait in the pub
stirred by the skirl of bagpipes
you stride in smiling

bare knees and tartan
stubble and silver shot curls
every inch a man

the world goes away
you and i are lost in time
highlands and heather

you reach out your arms
ageless love wreathing our hearts
magic in your eyes
a love so alive
yet frozen in this epoch
ever unfolding
how can everything
be different because of you?
one enchanted boy...

life's rollercoaster...

keep your hands inside the car

that's just not for us


standing, no restraints

laughing, singing, eyes star bright

passionate magic


the beautiful mess

i wouldn't miss a minute

let's do it again 






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