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shape shifters, all three,
healers and bearers of gifts
for the world at large

great love, entwining
powerful forces conjoined
deep wellspring of life
I can hear it now....
do you believe in magic
time trippin through tunes
one more favorite
magical mystery tour
memory lane trip
nice Ang needed that
i have seen your face
as you walk among the trees
of lothlorien

with love and grace, you
command the powers of light
to do your bidding

taking the world's cares
upon your shoulders, bending
but never breaking

your smile lights the dark
your gentleness dispels fear
from your heart flows joy

i have seen your soul
silver bright among the leaves
of lothlorien
refuge of the elves
sheltered by misty mountains
a space out of time

fairest forest realm
safe from the changing seasons
magical secluse
does he walk there, still,
among golden mallorn trees?
have you seen him there?

tall and dark with eyes
deep green as telperion
striding silently

ages of man pass
but he remains, immortal,
guardian of hope
I know he's still there
only seen by those in need
saviour of us all
lady of wonder
amazing vessel of love
magic enrobes you

ancient voices speak
of water and earth and fire...
you listen closely

starlight in your eyes
lightening in your fingertips
gaia incarnate
He saw me I him
corny I know but magic
that's how it happened
magical thinking
your thoughts are so powerful
they all serve your will




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