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Past, present, or future...real or fantasy...love 'em or leave 'em. In 5/7/5.

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you reach out to me
i unfold my soul for you
where do we go now?
darkness enshrouds us
streetlights glint on cobblestones
we are the whole world

hand-in-hand, silent
we crackle with emotion
electric desire

you turn me to you
you are tall as eiffel's tower
standing in the rain

your arms around me
your body saying it all
"forever, my love"
we'll win this battle...
i am and ever shall be
your soldier of love

desire never subsides
under microscopes and weight
of missing moments
Oh, Drew...you always transport me.

eyes watch and clocks tick
arms aching to cross the void
reach out in darkness

reaching and missing
embracing thin air and dreams
ignis fatuus
Yes...so evocative, Karen.

once his steps echoed
now there is only silence
but still, i listen
silent listening
in between staccato breaths
and still beating heart
man i was made for...
our great truth will be revealed
when we shed our skins

bright and beautiful
dawn obscured within these shells
love's blazing glory

Tha gaol agam ort, mo nighean.

souls drawn together
hearts full of understanding
tenderness and love

the joy of new sight
childlike through eyes creased by age
life's cares fall away

breaking barriers
finding a true home at last
eggs in a basket
driven by eros
a longing he can't resist
he locks his office

standing by his desk
he unbuttons his crisp shirt
slowly, quietly

needing to reach out
banish the deep loneliness
he bares his beauty

i watch in wonder
every vestige of strength gone
i weep, needing him

he stands in glory
a roman god incarnate
and simply shows me

his humanity
his fragile hopes and dreams
his enduring love

a man unadorned
he offers himself to me
across the long miles

no more precious gift
no greater proof of intent
than this simple act

Song--You Can't Hide Your Heart, Brenda Russell

that morning we met
in the afternoon we kissed




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