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Remembering times
wonder how they're doing now
lost contact, lost friends

Tags: aquaintenances, former, friends, haiku, humorous/serious, lost-in-space, out-of-touch

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no longer cruise mates
destructive path not chosen
lost friend with lost ways
paths cross once again
pick right up where we left off
true friends forever
Forty years ago
Students bonding late at night
All-nighters the rule

Our careers were built
Pathways moved in parallel
There were so many

Still a close-knit group
Though our numbers diminished
Meetings became rare

After twenty years
Reconnecting easily
As if yesterday

A chance e-mail
My name mentioned in passing
Birthday gift arrives!
last time I saw you
your eyes sparkled with life
where are those eyes now?
times buried by life
connections no longer flow
temporary break
A perfect contrast
Obvious disparity
Without conflicts; friends.
It's not over, yet
I'm really not that easy
When least expected
Doctor, my eyes
SO miss your contributions!
(Just synced iPod...)
Psycho lives and breathes
promises haiku again
greetings to you all

there's a lil psycho
in every one of us
but one psycho doc
Thinking of MY dog...
"If I die before I wake,
Feed Jake." A great song.




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